The legacy of Hotel Duran: rest, cuisine and culture

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Figueres: from retail to tourism

Even before 1827, there was an establishment called Ca la Teta in the centre of Figueres, an inn that offered accommodations, food and drink to locals, merchants and travellers. Figueres has always been an important stopping point, given its geographic location, and this is why the old inn was and continues to be, a significant meeting point. Even the most renowned resident of Figueres, Salvador Dalí, was a common guest and left his own surrealist mark. Even the most renowned resident of Figueres, Salvador Dalí, was a common guest and left his own surrealist mark. Over the years this has included everyone from writers and Nobel laureates to musicians and politicians.

The double rooms at Hotel Duran are 15 m² and decorated in soft colours.

160 X 190 CM BED

15 M2


With approximately 20 m², these rooms are perfect for families. Each triple or quad room has a double bed (or two twins) and an extra bed.

90 X 190 CM SOFA BED

90 X 190 CM 2 BED

20 M2


Hotel Duran has adapted rooms taking into account the mobility and autonomy needs of people with reduced mobility.

160 X 190 CM BED

20 M2



Restaurant Duran

Restaurant Duran is a culinary benchmark in Catalan cuisine thanks to the man who started it: Lluís Duran Camps. Salvador Dalí made it his meeting point in Figueres and now it can be yours, too.



C. Lasauca, 5 17600 Figueres

T. 972 501 250

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